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EDUCATION American Institute for Foreign Study, Richmond, England Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach, CA San Diego State University, San Diego, CA EXHIBITIONS Studio Seven Group Exhibition; Muriel Reynolds Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA June, 1988 Featured Artist; the Art Site Gallery, San Diego, CA August, 1988 Group Show; Rogue Gallery, San Diego, CA November, 1988 One Person Show; Mesa Tax Corporate Offices, San Diego, CA April, 1989 Two Person Show; Soho Gallery, La Jolla, CA August, 1989 Featured Artist; Pratt Gallery, San Diego, CA January, 1990 Group Show; Walt Disney Imagineering; Glendale, CA September, 1994 San Jose Museum of Art "Cool Stuff" show and auction; San Jose, CA 2000 P.A.W.S. LA Charity Art Auction; Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA August, 2005 Contributing Artist; Ryman Foundation for the Arts, Glendale and Hollywood, CA 1995-2013 Participant: Clos Le Chance Winery Annual Art Show, Morgan Hill, CA November, 2008 AFFILIATIONS San Diego Art Institute Gallery; Balboa Park 1987-1989 Art Site Inc. Artist's Cooperative Gallery; San Deigo, CA 1988-1990

Dec 28, 2016


These are the ornaments for Christmas 2016. I needed nine and managed to make thirteen by our deadline. I've had the idea to make Tear Drop style of trailers since I got my laser cutter and these were sort of waiting in my queue line for a reason to design them.  I tried to make each one a little bit different as it was a way to experiment with materials.  Each one has a battery operated LED light stuck in the bottom, so it can look "lived in" as it hangs on the tree.  The finished version of each has either a Christmas tree or a sled tied to it. This was the way to accommodate a hook without making holes in the shell or adding an obvious fixture.  They are sized to match my other 1/32 scale models and with some refinements, the Tear Drop will eventually become another model kit I can offer for sale.
Materials are various cardstock, printed art, wood veneers, specialty papers, plastic, foam, tire valves, metal snaps.  Each one measures 5" x 2.5" x 3".

Jun 12, 2016


This tower was at the bottom of the wood staircase.  
Not far from where Tug's Tavern used to be, if I remember correctly.  
Animator's paint and colored pencil on board. 18" x 24" 
Private collection.

Apr 15, 2016

Closed For The Season, Avila Beach 1993

I've continued with the idea of a 3D miniature of a Lifeguard Tower and have modified the Christmas ornament.  I changed dimensions slightly and added more small details to more closely emulate the original tower I photographed at Avila Beach.  The tower is about 5" tall.  It equates to 1/32" scale.  The fire ring is plastic tubing.  I borrowed "MAYBE HOT" from my other painting.  The sand is urethane foam.  The tower is completely laser cut from 3 types of card stock and paper.  The last two photos use a background I downloaded from a free textures site and I was able to blend the model into the image.  Available

Dec 28, 2015


This is the ornament we just exchanged for 2015.  This came from an idea I've had for several years of producing a model kit of a typical Lifeguard Station.  This particular style from Avila Beach seemed perfect to turn into an ornament.  I managed to make sixteen of them, as once the parts were designed and being cut, it made sense (at the time) to use the material to it's full extent.  The door opens and the panels slide up and down, depending upon the season. 
These measure 2.5" square by 5" tall. 
Most are in private collections.

Armored Car

This is the ornament for year three of the exchange.  These cars were inspired by a paper model kit from the 1930's, produced in Germany for kids to cut out and glue together.  I traced the images and did quite a bit of cleaning up so the parts would actually fit together.  I can't imagine any kid having fun trying to build this paper armored car as originally printed...
I scaled the parts down to ornament size, actually the size that would accommodate "O" rings for the tires and copper tubes for machine guns.  They're laser etched and cut from thick copper paper and thinner gold paper.
The shading of the rivets and panel lines was done with eye shadow.  It worked like pastels but had a shimmer to it that my pastels don't have. 
They measure about 3" x 4" x 2.5"
Most if not all of these are in private collections now.

Oil Can Fire

These are the ornaments from year two of our exchange.  I made about the same amount as the first year, knowing that I needed as many as nine of them to give away, plus spares in case some didn't turn out so well.  These are plastic tube cut to length with laser cut rings to give them the correct profile.  I added battery powered LED lights to the bottom that can be turned on to give the look of a lit fire.  The bottom photo hopefully shows the glow. 
I was thinking that you might find these at Christmas tree lots to keep the workers warm and in a good mood.  Each one is about 3" tall and most are in private collections now.

Bulldog Rocking Horse

This is the first effort for an ornament exchange with work colleagues four years ago.
I had the sculpt of my Bulldog Cafe project 3D scanned and had one print at a smaller scale produced.  I made a mold of it and cast about 12 of these in light weight resin. I painted them to try to mimic old world glass ornaments and added the details to turn them into toys.
They're about 3" x 4" x 2" and are all in private collections now.

Aug 8, 2015


We make secret things at work and taking photos of our projects is against company policy,
even with phones...
I made this dimensional sign to get noticed as the printed signs we have go largely ignored.
The idea came from the Batman figure I found at the dollar store.  I liked the pose but it took a little while for the idea of how to use him came to me.
Approximately 5" x 5" x 11" H.

Nov 10, 2014


I found this tin tank in a second hand store and really like the size of it and the completely natural weathering and damage. This thing had obviously been left out in the yard for some time and I think it makes a fascinating study with effects I could only hope to replicate with paint, pigments and chemicals. The German soldier is a resin figure purchased years ago and is no longer in production.

I wanted to create a scene around the toy, leaving it "as found".  My idea was to create something that was almost believable in the context of "The Great War", where tanks were new to the world and artists after the war had only vague familiarity with what they were depicting in comic books and novels. It brings to mind the Rolling Ball tank from Popular Mechanics. This toy is an actual manifestation of combining technical knowledge of these machines and artistic license.

The vignette measures approximately 8" x 10".

Sep 21, 2014


This scene is just south of Big Sur at Lucia on Highway 1.  Animator's paint on canvas.
Private Collection

Pizza Mia

The storefront is in Fillmore, CA and there is a Pizza Mia restaurant in Simi Valley, CA but the image and text was my idea.  This is Animator's paint on board.

Honey For Sale

This is another 3D Postcard effort, based on a scene in a hilltown in Provence, France.  The rocks are carved surfboard foam, the drainpipe is plastic and the grate is laser cut card stock.  The assemblage is inserted into a frame, taking advantage of the depth to create the environment.  4.5"x6.5"x2"


This is laser cut/etched paper and card stock with clear acetate windows.  Pastels color the windows.  All other elements are airbrushed with pearl white acrylic. The title can be interpreted several ways.

Feb 9, 2014

Broken Normandy Shutter

This is another full size wall image that I wanted to build, instead of creating a painting of.
I saw this on the road between Caen and Bayeux. 
I created a smaller version of this image that was part painting and part dimensional.
I had to come back to this image again to fully explore what I could do with it.
Foam, plastic, wood, metal, found objects.  48" x 48" x 3"

Oct 12, 2013

Last Look

This is along the coast, probably in Big Sur
Acrylic on board.  8" x 10"
Private Collection

From Nepenthe

This is looking towards Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
just as the last light of the day pinpoints objects
on the hillsides.  Acrylic on Canvas.  11" x14".

Sunset 25

This Tower is in Hawaii
                                                                            Acrylic on canvas. 8" x 10"
                                                                          Private Collection

In The Trenches


This piece could be viewed as advice for surviving in the
corporate world.  Original Sculpt using foam, metal, wood,
paper, found objects and rubber duck. 
6" x 6" x 13"