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EDUCATION American Institute for Foreign Study, Richmond, England Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna Beach, CA San Diego State University, San Diego, CA EXHIBITIONS Studio Seven Group Exhibition; Muriel Reynolds Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA June, 1988 Featured Artist; the Art Site Gallery, San Diego, CA August, 1988 Group Show; Rogue Gallery, San Diego, CA November, 1988 One Person Show; Mesa Tax Corporate Offices, San Diego, CA April, 1989 Two Person Show; Soho Gallery, La Jolla, CA August, 1989 Featured Artist; Pratt Gallery, San Diego, CA January, 1990 Group Show; Walt Disney Imagineering; Glendale, CA September, 1994 San Jose Museum of Art "Cool Stuff" show and auction; San Jose, CA 2000 P.A.W.S. LA Charity Art Auction; Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA August, 2005 Contributing Artist; Ryman Foundation for the Arts, Glendale and Hollywood, CA 1995-2013 Participant: Clos Le Chance Winery Annual Art Show, Morgan Hill, CA November, 2008 AFFILIATIONS San Diego Art Institute Gallery; Balboa Park 1987-1989 Art Site Inc. Artist's Cooperative Gallery; San Deigo, CA 1988-1990

Sep 23, 2009

Violet Lantern

Acrylic on canvas
18" x 24"
It's a street in Dana Point, CA; near where I lived for awhile.
Private collection

Your Date Just Pulled Up

Acrylic on canvas
8" x 10"
I think a lot of young ladies have had their first date butterflies instantly turn into a stomache ache as they took a peek through the slit in the curtains and saw this. I wonder how many of them went on to marry the guy.
Private collection


Acrylic on canvas
18" x 24"
We went to Doheny for a beach party...on the wrong day.

Private Collection

Venice Window 2

Acrylic on laser etched paper. Cut card and paper grate, window frames and leaves.
11" x 14".
The window is cut out and a sill was built to accommodate the grate, window frames and the struggling plant, complete with a pot just visible through the glass.
This piece and the piece below start to take the image off of the flat pane, but they're not completely three dimensional.

Venice Canal Door

Acrylic on laser etched illustration board.
11" x 14"
Continuing my struggle to depict the textures of Venetian walls, I experimented with this bas relief etching, only on a much smaller scale than the piece below. The plumbing pipe is added from plastic tubing, but it's hard to see that in the photo.
Private collection

Jun 12, 2009

Venice Wall

Mixed medium: Foam, Plex, Plastic. 48"x48"x10". The window lights up at night. I took a photo of a wall in Venice in 1997. Instead of making a painting, I sculpted it 10 years later.

In Progress